Our email account is one of the most important online accounts that we create because it holds valuable information. Having your email account hacked can be quite frustrating as well as dangerous as all your personal information and confidential emails can be exposed. Although it might seem inevitable for your account to get hacked, there are several steps that you can take in order to keep your account safe.

Recognize if Your Account Has Been Hacked

If you already fear that your account might be hacked or someone has gained access over your account and information, here are some warning signs that indicate that your account has been compromised:

1) The first and foremost sign (and the most obvious one) is not being able to log in to your account. If you are entering your correct password and still seeing the incorrect password message, it means that someone has changed your password after hacking into your account. Reset your password immediately and contact the Yahoo customer care number toll free if you experience any difficulty in doing so.

2) Another sign is not receiving any emails even though you are able to log in. This might happen if the hacker has changed your account settings. Check blocked addresses, default sending addresses, and auto-forwarding address. Your account info and mail settings getting changed is also a sign of your account being compromised.

3) Check your recent activity page and see if there are any sudden logins from unknown locations. Contact the Yahoo toll free number for any queries and suggestions that you might have.

Tips to Keep Your Account Secure

While calling the Yahoo customer support number is always an option, here are some steps you can take if your account is hacked or to prevent any online violation and hackers in future:

1) Set up Yahoo Account Key

One of the best ways of securing your Yahoo mail account is to enable the Yahoo Account Key function. When this feature is enabled, every time you log in to your account, a notification is sent to your mobile device. You can only log in if you allow access through that. This will let you know if there are any attempted unauthorized logins into your account.

2) Create a Strong password

A strong password is the first line of defense against hackers and intruders. Minimise the risk of unauthorized account access by creating a strong password. Here are some tips on creating a strong password:

– Don’t use obvious words like ‘password’. Use long and unique words with 12 characters or more.

– Don’t keep personal information like your name, birthday, your Yahoo ID, as your password.

– Use a combination of capital and small letters as well as numbers and symbols. Avoid adjacent characters like ‘QWERTY’.

3) Two Step Verification

If you or any intruder attempt to log in to your account via any other device or browser than your listed ones, the Two-Step Verification feature will send a code to your registered mobile number which will be needed while logging in.

There will always be chances for your account to get hacked by an intruder even after implementing various changes and efforts. Thus, it is important for individuals to practice safe online habits like installing malicious software, signing out of public computers, changing passwords regularly and updating recovery information.