Bellsouth, one of the most popular email service providers offers high quality service and reliability. Any good brand is bound to have a good support team to resolve customer issues big or small. Even with best products and services, it is inevitable to get problems because of technical glitches or lack of appropriate knowledge. The advantage with Bellsouth is that the Bellsouth Customer Care Number is easy to remember and always reachable. You would not want to wait for long to get your problem resolved especially when it is a critical one.

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Bellsouth Customer Service

For Bellsouth related queries, you can contact Bellsouth phone number given above. Their team of experts is not only technically sound, but also friendly and polite. They are patient enough to listen to your issues and provide a permanent resolution. Rather than email or chat, which needs multiple exchanges and lot of typing, phone is an easy way to communicate mainly because Bellsouth customer service is efficient and highly professional. However, you can do your bit of troubleshooting even before contacting any customer service representative. Here are some common issues that you can easily look into, and if you still feel you need Bellsouth Customer Care Number, it is always there with you –

  • Email issues – login issues, forgot password, spam management, problems with attachment, block list management etc…

Each of these issues are easy to debug –

Login issues –

  • Clear cookies and cache
  • Try logging in from a different browser
  • Check if any new updates are clashing with the login scripts
  • Make sure your internet works fine

Password issues – It is easy to set up a new password online itself. If you have forgotten your Bellsouth password, click on the ‘forgot password’ link on the at&t official page. On the next screen/tab, give your user name and email id. Don’t forget to type the captcha correctly before clicking on continue. Select the method of receiving a fresh temporary password – for example, another email id, or your phone number. Wait for your temporary password to arrive (through email or sms based on what you have chosen) and login with the same. Immediately set a new password upon logging in.

Spam and block list management – to add an email address to spam or block list, simply select the email and then check the option. Click on the option that marks the email as spam or adds the email address to block list respectively.

Attachment issues – If you are unable to attach any files, refresh the page. If the error exists, logout of the session, clear the cache and cookies and login again.

These are some issues you can tackle yourself. However, purely technical issues like technical issues – SBC Global emailing error, recovering hacked email account, mail not received/sent from a particular account etc.. are not everyone’s cup of tea and you may need an expert for those.

Why Bellsouth customer service

There are many benefits of contacting Bellsouth directly to provide technical support rather than calling local persons.

  • Zero or minimal waiting time
  • Organised approach to resolve your issues
  • Expert knowledge and 24×7 availability
  • No reliability issues in terms of service or products
  • Remote desktop support provision
  • Usage of advanced tools and techniques